Coast Rhythms

For this project I chose a place which I love, the sea. Since many of my projects are based around my fascination for the sea, I feel compelled to do a project focusing upon the pollution that cannot be avoided.I took pictures of everything I encountered of the plastic waste on the beach and created patterns using these images. By using the pollution in my work, new images were created with surprising colors and figures that were previously unattainable. The pollution is in this way, in spite of its negativity, an important addition to my images.

I wanted to bring back the patterns I had made to the place of origin, in order to create awareness among the viewer in a subtle way. That's why I applied my patterns to a new line of beach items, I presented a swimsuit, set of beach chairs, series of clothes and a wallpaper.I wanted to project the aesthetic of what I see and feel when I am on the coast show to my observer. By using the pollution in my work, I was able to create new images that were not possible before. The pollution has become an important addition to me in this way, I welcomed myself in the Anthropocene.